18 March 2015

Blue's, Red's, and Bowling

March 11th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

Guess who was our morning speaker today? Yes, it was Jim! This morning he told us all about reds and blues, a negotiations exercise. The exercise yesterady morning provided us a metaphor for different strategies for approaching a negotiation and demonstrates the value of finding common ground and a collective identity. Jim also made us gain insight into real-life negotiations from the exercise.
Listening to what we should be doing

Petending to listen

Dream team

Who made Esam mad?

Ali being Ali


After the negotiation

Mohamed was send to the corner

Still in the corner

Who wants to negotiate if you can take pictures?



Later that day we had a interview with Walid Al-Nader. Walid was telling us his experience as a leader and many people had questions. After lunch we went bowling, which the guys really liked and later to the oldest Kuwaiti souk (market), which the girls loved. We ended our night with a dinner at a Lebanese restaurant with a beautiful view on the sea. Written by Maya-Nora Saaid

Walid  Al-Nader and MELA 6

Faye and Emad


Technology interview
Amer and Dana at the Souk (market)

they see me rolling

Ginny won!

Lamees should shave her hair to fit in

Amal and MJ 

Leaders and friends

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