06 March 2015

Leadership Exercises

March 5th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

Jim welcomed us to MELA and 
made us understand a new way of leadership and what it means to our future. He made us realize that giving back is not about receiving first, so the leaders can repeatedly re-discover themselves and others.

Jim explaining how to take leadership to the next level

Successful vision exercise or stopping a taxi.. Not quit sure

Bill made us understand ourselves and others, the differences between an introvert and an extrovert. He also explained that if all leaders understood the differences of others they could be more effective.

Brain. Is. Loading. What is the nature of the brain?

After wishing Samer a happy birthday, all the participants introduced one another, what great entertainment!!

Samer's thank you dance after we sang happy birthday
Mohammad and Abdulazeez or Abdulazeez and Mohammad
Look, there goes our memory
Samer's birthday cake.

Last but not least, Samer's birthday cake.

Written by Maya-Nora Saaid

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