10 March 2015

Our Cultural Purpose

March 8th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

We all have to make daily decisions, and we sometimes seem lost. Thanks to Micheal's teachings today, we started our morning with information on how we really make decisions and how to make better decisions. We learned how to get in touch with our purpose and how to be willing to put ourselves in peril to serve our purpose.

Micheals purpose was to feel home, so he took his shoes off


Jim interviewing Qusai Al-Amer

Purpose of  Dhari and Aziz was sitting on the ground
Last night was Cultural Night! The cultural night gave all the participants a chance to share their aspect of  history, culture and/or traditions. We got Kushari from the Egyptians, dates from the Saudies, desserts from the Omani's and Kuwaitis, souvenirs from the Jordanians. We had an entertaining night full of laughter and traditional music.

Noof the sweetest vegetarian 


The race is about to start


All the Omani's taking a selfie

Happy birthday Mohammad!!!

Taste of Oman


Different cultures, different leaders

Bassam in his native costume

Lamees and Nael performing traditional day in Syria

Written by Maya-Nora Saaid

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