18 March 2015

Guest Speakers and Projects

March 12th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

We all have had to deal with challenging problems and Victor told us how to solve these problems in a creative way. Bill was our second speaker of the day and spoke about how to hold others accountable. We learned valuable skills enabling all the participants to generate more creative solutions to the most challenging problems. 

Victor and the bowling trophy  

Muatz singing the blues

We learned a specific skill that will hold others accountable for missed expectations, broken promises, and generally bad behavior in a way that solves the problem and enhances the relationship.

We had two guest speakers Antoine Eid, Managing Partner, Leaderpership Consultants  and Wissam Darwische, Executive Director, principal Investments, Waha Capital .Antoine explained how we could use brain science in leadership and team performance and Wissam told us about securing and financing in the region. Written by Maya-Nora Saaid

Antoine Eid

Wissam Darwiche

Antoine taking over

Who doesn't like twister

Twister to an alien level

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