08 March 2015

Testing Limits with Chips

March 7th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

Micheal Kouly at his best 

The morning speaker of yesterday's sessiom was Michael Kouly (President, Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership). He tested our limits in yesterday's discussion to issues like life, leadership and priorities. All emotions were shown and he managed to confuse most people yet still have control over the session.

Jassem and Micheal challenging each other 

Yasmine deep in thoughts

Slap in the face or high 5 from Mohammad
Muatz recording Micheal

In the afternoon we played a game called Star Power. This game is a real time, face to face, non-computer based simulation game of an organization or system in which leaders are given unlimited powers to make and change the rules of the simulation. The simulation focuses on trading chips that represent different values. Let's check the values of the participants.
Bonus round!

Cindy dancing debke; she got the bonus chips
Chip crises
MELA gets everyone happy

Written by Maya-Nora

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