03 March 2015

Let's start: MELA 6

On the way to Kuwait

March 5, 2015 is the day that MELA 6 is starting. That means that tomorrow all the participants are taking notes from Bill Starnes, Micheal Kouly, Jim Crupi, and many more motivational speakers in Kuwait. MELA 6 takes place at the 
Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Before we start blogging about the sixth Leadership Academy, let's discuss MELA.

A sneak peak of the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa

On the website (
http://melanetwork.org), MELA is described as an annual leadership program that is a ten day intensive experiential program. It is not a lecture course with a lot of “chalk-and-talk.” MELA is an interactive learning environment, focusing on practical and instantaneous lessons. Participants will engage with internationally recognized business innovators, instructors, and public figures.

We hear you thinking: "what will the participants learn at MELA 6?"
MELA will enhance the specialties of each leader. All speakers have a different yet effective approach. Topics like passion to improve, integrity, open-mildness to new possibilities, grace under pressure, and belief in oneself will be discussed. There are learning group sessions each day at the leadership academy and all participants have to solve issues and get to know one another.

MELA is not only learning from people that have experience, but also learning from themselves and all the participants. It is an experience no one can teach you, an experience that will last forever. After graduating from MELA, these participants will stand on the other side and lead many people in their personal and private life.

Things are still in the air and we are all curious what the next 10 days will bring.

Written by Maya-Nora Saaid


  1. Wishing you a lot of fun and great learning at MELA 6, I will miss you all but I hope to be back in 2016

    Ernst Bruderer

  2. I wish you all the very best.

    Salim Al Mawali ( MELA 5)