10 March 2015

Physical and Mental Exercise

March 9th, 2015
Written by Maya-Nora Said

After exercising our brain for the past 5 days, today we exercised our bodies as well. The morning was full of purpose, whys, whats, and whens. In the afternoon, we played a team building game and listened to two guest speakers.

Leesh? (Why)

Shaping up
Circle of love

Ali is cheering for the Netherlands


Dahri, the captain.


Concentration part 2

Looks like a dilemma

Concentration part 3

After trials and tribulations of the Neon Buzz game the small group discussions were energized. Our guest speakers Raheen Sacranie and Brice Bay made their long journey to Kuwait. They spoke about Financial Insights Every Leader Must Know About Their Organization and Becoming an Entrepreneur: Starting and Growing a Business.

Written by Maya-Nora

Brice Bay

Obviously paying a lot of attention

Raheen Sacranie

This is what paying attention looks like!

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