19 March 2015

The Final Day

March 14th, 2015
Written by, Samer Ebbini

MELA 6’s last day started off with an impassioned and inspirational talk by Mr. Mohammad Husain, President & CEO of EQUATE.

His attitude and dedication to addressing the needs and development of the next generation of leaders was impressive and encouraging!

The session was attended and enjoyed by special guests, MELA alumni from previous academies and many others.

After a hefty lunch and a session about the ‘Power of MELA’, it was the time for the GRADUATION… but first, the speeches by Mr. John Pay from Shell Kuwait and Mr. Qusai Al Amer from Kuwait Oil Company.

The great KOC team that facilitated and supported MELA’s academy to reach its full potential.

 Hana giving her heartfelt thoughts about what this all means to her…

Dhari being showered with praise and compliments.

Cindy basks in the glow of the limelight with Ms. Meisa Batayneh (MELA Chair) and Michael Kouly (Board member and speaker) on either side.

Suleiman: “What Can I say? You have to try it to believe it!”

Mrs. Neveen El Tahri, new board director, participated throughout the ceremony and was glad to award her protégé, Yasmine, with the graduation certificate.

Joy, laughter and friends forever!!

The stupendous MELA Admin Team finally relaxing enough to be silly and smile J

MELA 6 - a class to be reckoned with

The final dinner was a casual and joyful affair

The Band of Brothers

Final goodbyes the morning after

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